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Team Crabby Here!
​蟹蟹来捏~ ≡(.  .)≡

Team Crabby is dedicated to crafting unforgettable interactive experiences for global players. Crabby Crabby ≡[.  .]≡.

Our Story
Crab Rhapsody (vol.1)

What if we could play a video game like we enjoy Rock n Roll? Is there a possibility beyond the rhythm game? These are the very first questions asked by our original student development team. A handful of USC Games and Berklee School of Music students created Crab Rhapsody (Vol.1) from scratch by Albert Liang (a.k.a. 梁又, You Liang), Sanketh Bhat, and Evan Carcaterra, each leads creative, technical, and musical direction. The same interests in Rock n' Roll and cute crab bring them together in collaboration. Directed by Albert Liang, the Crab Rhapsody (Vol.1) can come to life through the joint efforts of Yuefeng He (a.k.a, 何岳峰), Di Wen (a.k.a. 文迪), Celine Tang, and Paul Youn who join the team later. It's an innovative action indie title with original gameplay mechanics, art, music, and story. We try to push the boundary of the interactive experience through play, music, and storytelling.

Dev Team
Crab Rhapsody (vol.1)

KeyArt_Banner_1500-500 no logo.png

Musicians/Recording Enginners
Crab Rhapsody (vol.1)

Evan Carcaterra - Bass & Vocal
Paul Youn - Modular Synthesis
Duncan Wachs - Rock Guitar
Cole Calise - Drums 
Tyler Foos - Jazz Guitar
Jeremy Duke - Trombone
Ben Dailor - Trumpet
Coy Simmons  - Alto Saxophone
Kalil - Tenor Saxophone
Dana Zulpykhar - Violin
Tannielle Joseph - Vocal

Costanza Tinti - Recording Engineer
Josh Riley - Recording Engineer

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